Satvin Tree

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Scientific name:

Alstonia scholaris 

Common name:


Hangout Spot:

Near ABE and Gate 2


Satvin tree features leaves arranged in clusters of seven around the stem, hence named ‘Saptparni’. Referred to as the ‘ Indian devil tree’ due to local superstitions and spiritual beliefs, this evergreen tropical species reaches heights of up to 100 feet and is recognized for its highly fragrant flowers that bloom around October. It is native to tropical Asia, and Australasia. Some unique features of this tree include smooth greyish bark; glossy upper side and greyish underside of leaves; a triangular trunk in some species; and a poisonous milky sap. The toxicity of this tree is known to depend on different tree parts and the harvest season. Hence, this tree witnesses occasional historical medicinal uses. This tree is the state tree of West Bengal.

Notably, it stands as one of the oldest trees on the GIM campus.