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Embark on a journey of exploration to witness the wonders of nature, life, and sustainability.

About this project

Goa Institute of Management has actively pursued sustainability initiatives, focusing on energy, water, waste, and biodiversity to work towards a net-zero campus. Situated amid diverse flora and fauna, GIM aims to share its experience as a model for inspiration and guidance among stakeholders. This Interactive Hotspot Map initiative by the CESD (Center For Excellence In Sustainable Development) unveils the strategic placement of our various eco-friendly initiatives across the campus. Explore the map to discover GIM’s sustainable practices and the rich flora and fauna. For an immersive experience, follow the indicated trail to physically engage with these spots, embracing firsthand the harmony between our educational environment and the rich biodiversity that surrounds us. This project highlights the various species of biodiversity found on the GIM campus however the list is not exhaustive.

Sustainability Hotspot Mapping
Credits: Janhavee Kolhe & Shakti Singh

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Our Objectives

Through this initiative, CESD aims:

  •  To provide an informative view of the sustainable initiatives and biodiversity hotspots at GIM.
  •  To provide a sustainability trail to guide one to physically visit various hotspots. 
  • To elevate stakeholder awareness about CESD's contributions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), encompassing vital objectives such as Goal

The diversity of species inhabiting our campus

Number of Flora


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Sustainabilty Projects


GIM Hotspot Site Map

Director's Quote

"GIM believes in environmental sustainability and the Interactive Hot-spot mapping project is another attempt to create awareness about the rich biodiversity and sustainability initiatives of GIM campus."

About CESD

The Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development (CESD) was officially formed in 2019 to strengthen and support the commitment of the institution towards sustainable development. CESD has taken up various projects and initiatives such as the Green Industry Goa campaign, the creation of a biodiversity register, the publishing of a Sustainable report, organizing Faulty Development Programmes and Sustainability hackathons, publishing research, and undertaking various international projects.