Pride of Burma

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Scientific name:

Amherstia nobilis  

Common name:


Hangout Spot:

Prayer room – beside H6 hostel


The ‘Pride of Burma’, also known as ‘The Orchid tree’, is an endangered native of Southeast Asia holding cultural significance. Revered for its exceptional exotic beauty and rarity, it symbolizes cultural heritage. Its scarcity in the wild primarily stems from the challenging propagation method through seeds, contributing to its endangered status. The tree was scientifically named after Lady Amherst, the wife of an English governor-general of India in the mid-19th century.

This tree produces showy, droopy bright red pendulous clusters of flowers which are considered among the most beautiful in the plant kingdom hence leading to be known as the ‘Queen of Flowering Trees’. Often regarded as a symbol of beauty and grace, the flowers and leaves of this tree are sometimes consumed for culinary and medicinal purposes.