Jackfruit Tree

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Scientific name:

Artocarpus heterophyllus    

Common name:


Hangout Spot:

Near Pond – In Front of H7 parking area


The Jackfruit tree yields one of the world’s largest fruits, up to 45 kilograms. It is nutrient-rich and serves as a meat substitute in vegetarian diets due to its fibrous texture. The fruit’s exterior ‘rind’ is green or yellow, covered in hardcore-like points, enclosing large, banana-flavoured yellow bulbs amidst thin ribbons and a central core. Used diversely in cooking, its unripe green flesh is a vegetable, while the sweet, ripe yellow flesh is enjoyed in desserts.

The jackfruit tree is most probably native to the rainforests of the Western Ghats so much so that the name Jackfruit is derived from the Malayalam name ‘chakka’. Jackfruit is the state fruit of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Trees start flowering and fruiting 2-8 years after planting. In young trees, fruits are usually borne on branches and in older trees, on trunks and roots.

The tree is known for its durable timber with anti-termite properties which makes it a popular choice in woodworking. This tree is one of the original inhabitants of the GIM campus.